The 71st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was famous for one thing that happened. Almost all of the character balloons got damaged by windy conditions and it wasn't a pretty sight to see.


Arthur's left arm was damaged by a tree from the start of the parade, but he made it through dispute the winds.

Big Bird

Big Bird wasn't damaged at all during the route, but was lowered majorly though and survived.


Garfield's tail was damaged overnight, and his left front paw was deflated during the route. Garfield made it through.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit hit a lamppost, and it almost popped the balloon's ear. Even with that the balloon survived and made it through OK.

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther went out of control at 42nd St, and was eventually burst by NYPD police officers.

Quik Bunny

The Quik Bunny also went out of control during the route, and eventually hit a lamppost at 36th Street which ripped its left ear off.

Barney the Dinosaur

Barney had trouble at 51st Street, when the wind was violently dangling the balloon and it then hit a lamppost, and then stabbed by the NYPD.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic couldn't fly at all due to wind damage.


Dispute the violent winds, the Rugrats survived, and made it through.

The Cat in the Hat

In arguably the worst accident in parade history, The Cat in the Hat hit a lamppost twice at Central Park West and 72nd Street, injuring 4 people, 1 seriously. The balloon continued with a hole in it, and left the parade at 36th Street.


Spider-Man's right hand was damaged, but made it through.


Bumpe's left legs were damaged, but the balloon made it through.

Eben Bear

Eben Bear was removed from the parade near the start after the Cat in the Hat incident.

Ms.Petula Pig

Petula Pig was also removed from the parade after the Cat in the Hat incident.

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