(Here's the lineup) (So Far This Parade is lost so this  isn't The Perfect Lineup But this is we know so Enjoy)

Police Horse's



Centerville High School Marching Band

Tom turkey

pilgrim man and woman pullable's


Bullwinkle (Lead/sprang a leak and couldn't finish, Videotape Footage from 1981)

123 Sesame Street

Kermit The frog'

Castle (Retired)

marching band


Linus the Lionhearted

george washington and ben franklin Pullables

Marching Band

Dragon tales

Mickey Mouse (Retired)

The World Disney World's 10th Anniversary Float (Redesigned Of the Showboat Float, Retired)

Marching band


Aviator Snoopy

Strawberry Shortcake

Mcdonald's All american Marching band

Rocking lobster

Olive oil

Clinton Tn Marching Band

Jolly polly Pirate Ship

Rocking snail

New york daily news Big apple (Preformer sammy davis jr)



Giant Plane

Stepson in America 

cinderella's pumpkin coach

The clock tower (Retired)

Hanover High School Marching Band

Rocking turtle


The Sal House (Retired)


Marching Band

Rocking Horse

The Shirt Tales

Rolls Royce

The Magic Carousel

Marching band

Rocking Kangaroo

Frozen Woodland

Marching band

Woody Woodpecker (Lowed to the ground do to a Ripped stomach)

Marching band

Circus wagon

The radiocity rockettes

Santa's sleigh

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