Police Motercycles

Jean Mcfadden



Macy's white stars

ice Cream cone

jupiter high school Band

Pilgrim Man and woman

native spirit

ABC Balls

Big bird


Quik bunny (Not seen do to Hard Snow/Footage from 1988 Not mentioned)

Tom turkey

Rocking kangaroo

Strawberry Village

Rocking turtle

Rocking hare

The jamestown High school Tiger band

American Folk Heroes (Not Mentioned do to A commerical Break)

Woody woodpecker (Not seen do to A ripped Face/footage from 1985 Not mentioned do to A commerical Break)


Circus Ball

Dragon tales

Marching Band

Christmas Ball

The marvel Universe Float (Retired)


Mother goose

cinderella's carriage

Killgore college Marching band

Firefighter clowns


Circus Float

Mcdonalds All american Marching band

Ronald Mcdonald

New york Daily news Big apple (Retired)

All-City High school Band


NYPD Mounted Unit


Pearl City Marching band

Pink panther

Stature of Liberty

the polar bear Band

Disney's Limouseine (Retired)

Circus ball

Rocking snail

Bee clowns


Watering can


The east coweta Marching Unit

Bugs Bunny (Not seen do to A Acident/Videotape footage from test flight)

The Looney tunes Birthday celebration Float (Retired)

Up up And Away Airplane And moon

UCA All american Cheerleaders

The pride And power Of Mouten High school Golden Tornados Band

Showboat (Retired)

Azalea Trail Maids

Garfield (Holiday Ambassador Retired)


Barbie Float

Snuggle Bear

Clock tower

The Northew Marching Knights

Radio City Rockettes

Circus Balls'

Circus Wagon

The Peanuts Christmas Float

WoodStock and Snoopy (Not seen do to A Acident/Videotape footage from 1998)

Marching Band


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