America Sings!

Police motercycle's




Macy's White Stars (First Row, green Macy's text)

Cloe the Holiday Clown

Grissom High School Marching Band (1st time)

The Amercian Indian Canoe (Macy's)

Millennium Snoopy (United Feature Syndicate)

Mac Miller Dance Team

Tom Turkey-Susan Lucci (Macy's)

The Logan Marching Band

Sesame street pop-up book (Children's Television Workshop)

Abc Bouncing Balls

Big Bird (Children's Television Workshop)

Rocking Turtle

Albert and Friends Circus (Comeback since 1996 Retired)

Alice in Wonderland Float


Ask Jeeves-Miss usa 2000 (Ask Jeeves)

Star Maker's dance company

Medieval Times

Dragon Tales


M&M's Red & Yellow-christina aguilera (mars incorporated)

Garfield (Paws, Inc, Retired)

The Jackson High School Marching Band (1st and last time)

Watering can

Honey Nut Cheerios Bee (General Mills)

The Silver Bluff High School Band

Animal Planet (Animal Planet)

Rocking snail

Rocking Hare (Retired)

Rocking Horse

Fairy tales

There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Float (Retired)

F.M.A.R Marine Band

The rip Van winkle float

Quik Bunny (Nestle, Retired)

The Trinity Valley Collage Marching Band

The U.S. Mint’s Fifty State Stagecoach-SHeDAISY

red white and Blue balls

Stature of Liberty-The Bacon brothers (Macy's)

The Virginia Tech Marching Band

Jolly polly pirate Ship (Macy's)


Macy's Delivery truck

Ice Cream Cone

Macy's White Stars

The Millennium Time Continum-Preformer (charette church)

Dexter (Cartoon Network)

Pep Riley


Macy's Sports: Basketball, Baseball, and Golf ball

Arthur (Marc Brown Associates)

Austin powers Clock tower (Retired)

The Pupil of the Pearl High School marching band

Red Car (Retired, Later to Be Used in the Dooley And pals Float in 2000)


Jell-O-Preformer (Kool and the gang)

The Lassiter High School Band

Buddy (


Blue's clues (Nickelodeon)

Blue The dog (Nickelodeon To Promote Blues Clues Blues Big Treasure Hunt)

Rocking Lion

Fire Fighter clowns

Harold the fireman

Mr peanut's Circus-Preformer (The big voodo daddy)

Rocky And Bullwinkle (Universal Studios Consumer Products)

Waukesha North High School band

Continental Airlines Flight of fancy

Sea venture (Retired)-Preformer (captain kangaroo)

Flying fish


New-york Daily News Big Apple

Rugrats (Nickelodeon)

Rudolph The red nose Reindeer (GoodTimes Entertainment)

Rolls Royce (Retired)

Snowflake Stars

Fox Family's Snow Family (Fox Family Channel)

Ms. Petula Pig (john deere company)

O'Fallon Township High School Marching Panthers Marching band

Barney's Night Before christmas (Lyrick Studios)

Barney the Dinosaur (Lyrick Studios)

Santaland Express

Marching band

Santa's Sleigh with Macy's Parade 2000 Banner

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