NYPD Motorcycle Brigade

Jean McFadden

"A Holiday Treat For Children Everywhere" Banner

Millennium Neo-Clowns

Macy's White Stars (First Row, Red Macy's text)

Cloe the Holiday Clown

Grissom High School Band

Soaring Spirits Indian Canoe - Native American Dancers

Millennium Snoopy (United Media)

Mike Miller Dance Team

ABC Blocks

Tom Turkey- Susan Lucci (Macy's)

Corny Clowns

Produce Truck

James Logan High School Marching Band

1-2-3 Sesame Street Pop-Up Book - The Cast & Muppets of Sesame Street

ABC Bouncing Balls

Big Bird (Children’s Television Workshop)

Rocking Turtle

Albert and Friends Circus

Ask Jeeves - Miss USA 2000

Tara Pipes and Drums Marching Band

2000 BMW Z8 - James Bond

Medieval Times - Peter Reckel & Austin Peck

Bowling Hall Clowns

Smiley Face Mascot

Heartland Hoedowners

M&M's Network - Christina Aguilera

Movie Usher Clowns

Clown Wheels

Garfield (Paws, Inc.)

Jackson High School Marching Band

Rub-A-Dub Bathtime Clowns

Rolling Bath Tub

Watering Can - Becky Ann Baker, John Daley, Linda Cardellini, Samm Levine & Mother Goose

Honey Nut Cheerios Bee (General Mills)

Silver Bluff High School Band

Animal Planet - Terri Irwin, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Dr. Holly Knor, Dr. Robert Taylor & Jeremy Kushnier

Rocking Snail

Rocking Hare (Retired)

Rocking Horse

Fifar Drum Corps.

Wakin' Up with Folgers - Rockapella

Nesquik Bunny (Nestle)

Trinity Valley Community College Marching Band

The Golden Dollar Stagecoach - SHeDAISY

NYPD Mounted Patrol

Stars and Stripes Ornaments


The Statue of Liberty - The Bacon Brothers

Virginia Tech "Highty Tightys" Marching Band

The Ship Of State - Lillias White

Retro Clowns

Macy's RIO Delivery Truck - Rose Meli Anderson

Ice Cream Cone

Macy's White Stars

The Millennium Time Continum - Charlotte Church

Dexter (Cartoon Network)

Pep Rally

Universal Cheer & Dance Association

Arthur (Eden Toys)

Austin Powers Clock Tower - Verne Troyer

Pearl High School Marching Band

Pre-K Clowns

Sci-Fi Clowns

Rocket Clown Car

football (not seen due to a accident)

Jell-O's World Of Wiggle & Jiggle - Kool & The Gang

Lassiter High School Marching Trojan Band Buddy The Sock Puppet (

Dog Walker Clowns

Blue's Clues - Steve Burns (Nickelodeon, To Promote Blues Clues: Blue's Big Treasure Hunt)

Blue (Nickelodeon, To Promote Blues Clues: Blue's Big Treasure Hunt)

Rocking Lion

Firetruck Clown Car

Fire Engine Clown Car

Smoking Outhouse Clown Car

Funny Fire Brigade Clowns

Harold The Fireman

Mr. Peanut's Circus - Big Bad VooDoo DAddy

Rocky And Bullwinkle (Universal Studios)

Waukesha North High School Band

Flights Of Fancy - The Cast of Ragtime

Rocking Lobster

Silly Seaside Clowns

Pineapple Clowns

The St. Thomas Marco Jumpies

Flying Fish

Caribbean Fiesta - John McDonough & Lou Bega

Carnival 2000's Giant Rod Puppets

Funny Bone Medical Brigade

Ambulance Clown Car

NYPD Marching Band

NYFD Firetruck - The Cast Of Third Watch

Big Apple - Joe Torre & The 1998 New York Yankees

Rugrats (Nickelodeon)

Gnome Clowns

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Florence Henderson (GoodTimes Entertainment)

Snowflake Stars

Fox Family's Snow Family - Wild Orchid (Fox Family Channel)

Ms. Petula Pig (John Deere Company)

O'Fallon Township High School Marching Panthers Marching Band

Barney's Night Before Christmas - Barney, Baby Bop & B.J (Lyrick Studios)

Barney the Dinosaur (Lyrick Studios)

Santaland Express

The Comeaux High School Marching Band

Santa's Sleigh