Police Vans

GMC trucks


Ice Cream Cone Balloon

Macy's White Stars

Lincon High School Marching Band

Tom Turkey (Preformer The Corrs)

Bandleader Mickey Mouse (The Walt Disney Company)

Mac miller dance team

cornucopia (Preformer David Hasselhoff)

Ohio University Marching 110 Band

Blue's Clues Float

Blue the Dog (Nickelodeon)

Normal Greendog Falloon (Retired)

Sesame Street Float (Sesame Workshop)

Abc Bouncing balls

Big Bird (Sesame Workshop)

Buchholz High school Marching band

3 Little pigs Float

Blue Haul's Paradise

Rugrats (Nickelodeon), (Tommy Pickles wears a buret to promote Rugrats In Paris: The Movie)

United Airlines Flights of Fancy



Star Maker's dance company

Rocking Lobster

Flying fish

Maytag's mother nature

Walterboro High School Marching band

Jeeves the Butler (Ask Jeeves)


Animal Planet (Discovery Communications)

Waxahachie HIgh school Marching band

Native Sprit

Honey Nut Cheerios Bee (General Mills)

Mighty Sound of Maryland marching band

Jell-O (Kraft Foods)

rocking lion

Ronald McDonald's Big Shoe car (McDonald's)

Ronald McDonald (McDonald's)

NYPD mounted unit

Macy's White Stars

M&M''s Red and Yellow (M&M's)

Clovis West High school Band

Millennium Snoopy (United Feature Syndicate)

The U.S. Mint’s Fifty State Stagecoach

Elko High school Marching band

Arthur (Mattel Interactive/The Learning Company)

The rip Van winkle float (Retired)

The swan Princess (Comeback float since 1994 Retired)

the patriots of northern virginia (5h And Last time)

Stature of Liberty (Macy'

Red white and blue balls

New york daily news Big apple

NYPD Marching band

102 Dalmatians (Disney)

taxi Car

Planters Mr Peanut's Circus (Planter's)

Homewood High school Marching band

Bullwinkle (Universal Pictures Consumer Products) (Rocky Was Not Seen Due to Accident, Retired)

Uca All Star Cheerleaders

Pep Rally

Basket Ball


Harold the Fireman

Hess Road to The Future (hess corporation) (Preformer Rascal Flatts)

Science Hill Marching Band

Dooly and Pals (Victory entertainment Retired)

Dexter (Cartoon Network) (Retired)

Macy's Santaland Express (Macy's) (Preformer Cheryl Ladd)

The Southwest Texas University Strutters

Dragon Tales' Cassie (Sony Pictures Family Entertainment)

Reddi Wip (Reddi wip) (Preformer Aron carter)

Rocking Snail

Cloe the Holiday clown (Macy's)

Marching band

Rocking turtle

Barney's Night Before Christmas (Lyrick Studios)

Barney the Dinosaur (Lyrick Studios)

Creshire High school Marching Tiger Band

Fox Family Channel's Snow Family (Fox Family Channel) (preformer Marcella Lowery)

Rocking horse

Charlie the Elf (Macy's)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Goodtimes Intertainment) (Preformer Andrea McArdle)

Clifford the Big Red Dog (Scholastic)

Marching band

Santa's Sleigh

Snowflake Stars (Retired)

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