Police Trucks

Neon Roller Skating Clowns


The Children of 9/11

Robin Hall

Solider's with Flags

Patriotic Clowns

The Statue of Liberty- Betty Buckley (Macy'

Toy Soldier

75 Parade Yellow Stars

pickerington high school tiger band


Tom Turkey- Willard Scott (Macy's)

Curious George (Haughton Miffin Publishing)

Mac miller Dance Team

75th Anniversary Drum

Cactus Clowns

6 Horse Drawn Carriage

Big apple Circus

Three Little Pigs Float (Pulte)

Construction Workers

PokeMobile (The Pokemon Company)

Pikachu (The Pokemon Company)

Bainbridge Marching Bearcats

M&M Workshop

Marriage Clowns

Blue Haul's Paradise

75th Parade Snoopy (United Feature Syndicate)

Pearl City Marching Chargers

Jolly Polly Pirate Ship

Flying Fish

Rocking Lobster

Medieval Times

Rocking Horse

Reddi Rip

Rocking Lion

Ice Cream Cone

Ronald Mcdonald's Big Red Shoe Car (McDonald's)

Ronald McDonald (McDonald's)

Dave group from Maumee, Ohio

Native Sprit

Montana State University Marching Bobcats

The U.S. Mint’s Fifty State Stagecoach

Arthur (The Learning Company)

Westwood Ho

Firecrackers Jump rope team

Green Dog

Willowridge Mighty Eagle Band

Big Bird (Sesame Workshop)

Sesame Street Pop-Up book (Sesame Workshop)

ABC Bouncing balls

Mobile Alaska Trail Maids

Maytag's Mother nature float

Grenada Marching band

Alice In wonderland

Rocking snail

Happy Hippo

Animal Planet float with Boys II Men (Discovery Channel)

Kitty Car

Rugrats (Nickelodeon)

USA Cheerleaders

Jimmy Neutron (Nickelodeon)

NYPD Marching band

NYPD and NYFD colorguard

NYPD Mounted Unit

New York daily news Big Apple

Harold the Fireman Balloon

Cloe the holiday clown

Macy's white star

Macy's Delivery truck

75 All-star's

Cheeseasaurus Rex (Kraft Macaroni and Cheese)

U.S. Merchant Marine Band

WWF - Get Real! (World Wrestling Federation)

Bob the Builder (Hit Entertainment)

Hoover Marching Buccaneers

Hess Road of the Future

Jeeves (Ask Jeeves)

Abc blocks

Honey Nut Cheerios Bee (General Mills)

Dinotopia (Hallmark)

Brentwood Marching Bruins

Blues Clues (Nickelodeon)

Blue The Dog (Nickelodeon)

Cornucopia (Radio City Entertainment)

James Madison University

Dragon Tales' Cassie (Sony Pictures Family Entertainment)

Santa Express

Charlie the Elf

Taxi Car with The Wiggles (HiT Entertainment)

Barney's Night Before Christmas (HiT Entertainment)

Barney the Dinosaur (HiT Entertainment)

Southwest Missouri State University Band

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (GoodTimes Entertainment)

Clifford the Big Red Dog (Scholastic)

Southern Regional Marching Golden Rams

Santa's Sleigh with 75th Parade Banner (Macy's)