GMC Trucks

Police Motorcycles


Robin Hall


Uncle Sam (Macy's, Comeback Balloon Since 1947)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Stars (Macy's)

Prospect High School Marching Band

Tom Turkey (Macy's)

MCA Cheerleader Group

Charlie Brown and the Allusive Football Balloon (United Feature Syndicate)

Pep Riley (Not Mentioned)

Build-A-Bear Workshop Teddy Roosevelt's Workshop (Build-A-Bear Workshop)

The Purple Marching Machine Band

Big Bird (Sesame Workshop)

sesame street international (Sesame Workshop)

 ABC Balls (Sesame Workshop) 



Blue Haul's Paradise (Retired) 


Pineapple Clowns 

marriage Clowns 

Wedding Car

Blue's clues (Retired, Nickelodeon)

Blue The Dog (Retired, Nickelodeon)

Hess Road the Future (Retired, hess corporation)

The Turpin High School Band

hershey's Candy Lab (Hershey's Incorporated)

The Kamiak High School Marching Band


Little Bill (Nickelodeon)

The 3 Little Pigs (pulte homes, Retired)

Bob The Builder With Muck And Wendy (Hit Entertainment)

Greendog (Macy's)

Dog Catcher Clowns (Retired)

Cheesasaurus Rex (Kraft)

Rocking Lion



Cisco Junior College Band

Westward Ho (Retired, Macy's)

Maytag's Mother Earth (maytag appliances, Retired)

Police Horses

Doodlebug (Comeback Float/Since 1993)

Jolly polly Pirate ship (The Wiggles)

Ask Jeeves (Ask Jeeves, Retired)

James F Byrnes High School Band

Cloe the Holiday Clown

Lego's Magic carousel (Lego)

Planter's Nutmobile (Planters)

Big apple Circus (Big apple Circus)


Ronald Mcdonald's Big red Shoe Car (Mcdonalds)

Ronald Mcdonald (Mcdonald)

Marian Carole Showboat (Comeback float/Since 1995 Macy's)

United States Marine Quantico Band

America Clowns (Retired)


macy's delivery Truck (Macy's)

Red White and Blue Stripes Balls (Macy's)

Hot Air Balloon (Macy's)

Macy's White Stars (Macy's)

Stature of Liberty (Macy's)

The Stone High School Marching band

Rich Uncle Pennybags (Parker Brothers)

NYPD Marching band

NYPD nypd mounted unit

Harold The Fireman (Macy's)

Daily News Big apple (New York daily News)

,Macy's Sports Base Ball Basketball

jimmy newtron (Nickelodeon)


Pikachu (Game Freak)

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