Radio City Rockettes

Police Vans

Robin Hall


Red Banner

Inflatable Elephants (Comeback/Since 1924, Retired)

Toy Soldier (Not Mentioned)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Star Balloon

Illavama High School Marching Band

Tom Turkey (Comeback Float, Return Since 2002)


Super Grover

Giant Heads

Alexander Mora's Turkey of World Peace (Delta Airlines)

Lego's Carousel of Imagination

Waeuckua Star Band

Ronald's Big Red Shoe Car

Ronald McDonald (McDonald's)

Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

Warren Ohio Band

Build A Bear's Teddy Bear's Workshop

Chicken Little (Walt Disney Pictures)

Echo Unlimited Exhibition to Rhino Mountain

Boy Nips Barching Band


Little Bill (Nickelodeon, Retired)

Green Dog (Retired)

Highland High School Marching Band

Crazy Kraters

Pikachu (The Pokemon Company)

Pokemobile (Retired)

The Marx Brothers Balloonheads

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car (Retired)

Riverview High School Marching Band

M&M's Red and Yellow Brighten the Holidays (M&M's)

Marian Carole Showboat

Wiggle Worm

Barney's Musical Playground (Retired)

Strike up the Band Barney (HiT Entertainment)

Gorging Painted Post Marching Band

Funny Business Clowns

Clown Taxi

HESS Bridge to the Future

Jeeves (Ask Jeeves) (Comeback Balloon, Return Since 2002)

Flying Fish Trainers

Flying Fish

Royal Caribbean International Voyage to Adventure

SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon)

St. Augustine Marching Band

Animal Planet (Retired)

Weebles (Tibbey, Tooey and Bumpous) (Playskool)

NYPD Marching Band

Statue of Liberty

NYPD Mounted Unit

Charlie Brown and the Allusive Football (United Feature Syndicate)

Spirit of America's Pep Rally

Universal Cheerleader Association

NFL Classic

Towpath Drummers

American Balloonheads

Uncle Sam

Spirit of America Golden Eagle

Macy's Blue Stars

Mr. Monopoly (Parker Brothers)

America Sings!

Bob the Builder (Retired)

Mayfield High School Marching Band

123 Sesame Street

Big Bird (Sesame Workshop)

Planters Nut Mobile

Hershey's Kids Candy Creation Lab

Garfield (Paws, Inc.)

Amiga 50's Flashback

Universal Orlando Resort Holiday Beat

Ice Balls (Comeback Balloon/Since 1995, Retired)

Clifford the Big Red Dog (Scholastic, Retired))

Fisher-Price The Magic of Childhood

Poinsettas (Comeback Balloon/since 1997 Retired)

The Dancing Christmas Trees

Angelina Ballerina (Retired)

Kermit the Frog (To Promote Disney Buying the Muppet studio)

Lassiter High School Marching Band

Kit, and C.J Elf Gnomes

Santa's Sleigh with a Goose

Macy's Red Stars

Charlie the Elf Speciality Float

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