GMC Trucks and Toro Tractors

Hi-Roller Skating Clowns

NYPD Motorcycle Units

The Pride of West Virginia University Mountaineer Marching Band

Amy Kule

90 Parade Clowns

Celebrating 90 Years Banner

Macy's Yellow Stars

Pilgrim Men and Women Balloon Heads

Tom Turkey

Autumn Leaves & Pilgrims

Turkey Tech Football Players & Fans

Charlie Brown with his Kite (Peanuts Worldwide LLC.)

Snoopy's Doghouse

Breakfast Clowns with Egg Trike

123 Sesame Street

Thomas the Tank Engine (Fisher-Price)

Holiday Elves Sleepy Clowns

Joe E. Newsome High School Wolfpack Marching Band

Sprout Free to Play

People in Coats

Pre-K Clowns

Ronald McDonald's Big Red Shoe Car

Ronald McDonald (McDonald's)

On The Roll Again

Colorful Kits Toy Outfits

Harrison High School Marching Band

School Bus Mini Car

Stilt Pencils & Apple

Nutty Professor Einstein & Wacy Graduates

Paddington Bear (StudioCanal)

BaseBall (since 2014)

BaseBall All Stars Clowns

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Baseball Outfits

Planter's Nutmobile

Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger (Saban Brands)

Malt Shop Clowns

Cary Senior High School Marching Band

Pool Balls Clowns

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Racing Rabbits

Rocking Turtle

Sayat Nova Dance Company

Holiday Pikachu (The Pokemon Company and Nintendo of America)

It's All Rock N Roll Float

Road Crew

Airplane Hello Kitty (Sanrio)

Birthday Party Clowns

Girl Scouts Building A Better World

Girl Scout Outfits

Wiggle Worm

Artist Clowns

Spirit Of America Cheerleaders

Trixie The Dog

Circus Clowns

Krazy Glue Fun House Float

People Tall Stacking of Cups & Hat & Bathtub Outfits

Greg Heffley: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Abrams Publishing)

Big City Cheer

Macy's Great American Marching Band

Goldie Blox Girl-Powered Spinning Machine

Girls Constuctions Workers

Trolls (Dreamworks Animation and NBCUniversal)

Springtime Clowns & Gnomes

Pop Flower Clowns

Build-A-Bear Workshop's: Discovery Adventure Gloat

Wool Hearts & Spools

Queen with Hearts

Joker Clowns (since 2010)

Happy Hippo

Holiday Clowns

ToughGuy and Bulldog Trycalloon

Keystone Cops & Robbers

Spirit Of America Dance Stars

Celebration 90th Years Mobile Banner

Felix The Cat (Dreamworks Animation and NBCUniversal)

Dad, Mom, Baby Balloon Heads

Macy's Old Truck

Daily News Big Apple

Taxi & Apple Outfits & Stilts Statues

NYC Tourist Clowns

Taxi Cab

NYPD Marching Band

Harold The Policeman

Harold The Fireman

Fire Bridage Clowns with a Firetruck

Kilgore College Rangerettes

Kentucky Fried Chicken: The Colonel's Road Trip To NYC

Route Signs Outfits

Patriot Clowns (since 2014)

Sinclair Oil Dinosaur (Sinclair Oil Corporation)

USA Military Academy Marching Band

Mount RushMore American Pride

Hiking & Fishing Outfits

Holiday Hoedown Clowns

Hawaii All-State Marching Band

Stilt Hawaiian State Flowers

Hawaiian State Flowers Outfits

King's Hawaiian: The Aloha Spirit

Hawiian Pineapple Outfits

Silly Seaside Clowns & Bathing Beauties

Skylander's Eruptor (Activision Blizzard)

Silly Sailors Clowns (since 2012)

Pirate's Booty: Jolly Polly Pirate Ship (Treasure Hunt)

Pirates Crews

Rex The Happy Dragon (since 2012)

Viking Clowns

China Chendgu- Home Of The Giant Panda

Angry Bird's Red (Rovio Animation and Sony)

Grain Valley High School Marching Eagles

Ice Skating Aflac Duck (Aflac Incorporated)

Frozen Fall Fun

Hockey Outfits

Scrat with his Acorn (20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios)


Funny Farm Clowns

Stilt Turkeys

Turkey Produce Truck

National Dance Institute

The Cranberry Cooperative

Cranberry Pickers Outfits

Greendale High School Marching Band

Stirrin' Up Sweet Sensations

Holiday Train Conductors

Half-Baked Holiday Clowns

Baker Bridage Mini Car

Pillsbury Doughboy (Pillsbury Company)

Winter Wonderland in Central Park

Yuletide Outfits

Sleepy Clowns

Red Candy Cane

Tap Dancing Christmas Trees

Santa Hat Spongebob SquarePants (Nickelodeon)

Hendrickson High School Hawk Marching Band

Balsams Hills Deck The Halls

Ornaments & Presents Outfits

Elf On The Shelf (Creatively Classic Activities and Books Inc.)

Mouse King & Nutcracker Trylcons

Mother Ginger

Nutty Crackers Ballet Clowns & Sugar Plump Fairies

Heartwarming Holiday Countdown

Blue Nutcrackers Kits Outfits

Prospect High School Marching Knights

Santa's Toy Box Clowns

Rocking Horse

Rag Doll Clowns

Charlie, Kit & C.J. Holiday Elves

Candy Canes Stilts

Santa's Sleigh

Christmas Costumes

Red Believe Stars[[Category:Parades

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