Police Vans

Hi-Roller Skating Clowns

NYPD Motorcycles 

The Pride of Sunshine University of Florida Marching Band

Amy Kule

Celebration Clowns

Macy's Yellow Stars

big bird (return balloon seince 2006 to celabrate sesame streets 50 years)

sesame street (retired)

tom turkey (retired)

rudolph the red nose raindeer and santa claus (to promote rudolphs 58th birthday)

unknown marching band

royal carribean float (coneback since 2015)

tuxedo spongebob

jolly polly pirate ship (with barney, bj, baby bop)

happy dragon

cirque de soleil float (comeback since 2013)

a very hungry caterpillar

unknown marching band

frozen fall fun (retired)

ice berg aflac duck (retired)

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