dDooley and pals is a show that ran from April 1 2000 to november 26 2003 probably they appeared in a unknown float in the 74th macy's thanksgiving day parade because in a video of the 2000 parade the hosts where talking about the unknown float Heres the video there where talking about the float


I think i found it but anyone who has photoshop please try to remove the blur P.S I found this on and i captured it

eVjVhUjP9o it's near the end


Update #1 The Float Has A Red Car A White Spaceship And the cast And A backyard And By That picture from Group Photos its The worlds Smallest Float in Parade History

Update #2 i think The Float Was Also in a Episode Of Dooley and Pals That Was released in Thanksgiving Day i don't Know i havent Seen that Episode in 17 Years


here's the original Picture

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