ice cream cone

Macy's Blue Stars

The Elko High school band

Tom Turkey - Willard Scott

Dexter (Cartoon Network)

Pilgrim man and woman Balloon heads


Goldfish on Parade (Pepperidge Farm) - The Cast of Annie

Creshire High school Marching Tiger Band


The rip Van winkle float

Babar (Nelvana)

Circus balls

Mac miller dance team

Rocky And Bullwinkle (Universal Pictures Consumer Products)

Expedition to Rhino Mountain (Ekco Ltd.)

NYPD mounted unit

Greendale High School Marching

M&M''s Red and Yellow - Drake

SEGA's Pico Bus

sonic the hedgehog (1st version)

Marching Band

Macy's White Stars

Blue's Clues (Nickelodeon)

Blue the dog (Nickelodeon)

America Sings!

The giant Cootie - Andrea McArdle

Spongebob SqurePants (1st Version) (Nickelodeon)


Hulstey Hoe 3 Little Pigs - Prince

Humpty dumpty - Backstreet boys

Happy Dragon

The Drum Corps from Dayton, Ohio

SeaWorld (1st version) - SeaWorld Characters

Smokey the bear

ABC Bouncing Balls

123 Sesame-street - the cast and Muppets

Big Bird (Sesame Workshop)

The mc-donalds All american Marching band


Kermit the frog (1st Version)



Willy Wonka Float - Johnny Depp

Weeble pullables

Ronald Mcdonald's Big Red Shoe car

Ronald mc donald (Balloon, 2nd version)

Jell-O - Miss USA

NYPD Marching band

Arthur (Marc Brown)

Prospect High School Marching Knights

Candy Cane

Weebles (Tibbey, Tooey and Bumpous)

Wintertime in Central Park West - Tim Curry and the cast of A Christmas Carol


Barney's Gingerbead House - Barney, BJ and Baby Bop

Balloon Barney (1st Version)

Prospect Marching Knights

Big apple Circus

Airplane Hello Kitty (Sanrio) (Holiday Ambassador)


Eben Bear (Macy's)

The Big red Marching Machine Band

Santa's Sleigh - Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus

Snowflake stars

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