Jell-O is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods for varieties of gelatin desserts (fruit gels), puddings, and no-bake cream pies. The original gelatin desserts are sometimes referred to as jello.

In 1997, Jell-O debuted a new falloon in the Macy's Parade called the "World of Wiggle & Jiggle". It featured a giant jello castle with a front side decorated with marshmallows and rasberries. Alongside and on the float, people dressed as strawberries, lemon wedges, grapes and orange slices, to represent the flavors of jello during that time period. This float's last appearance was in 2000, most likely due to it being worn out after the bad weather from 1997-1999. It hasn't been seen since.


Below, you will find a list of every performer/celebrity that has performed/appeared on the float.

  • 1997 - Kids Around the World
  • 1998 - Unknown
  • 1999 - Kool and the Gang
  • 2000 - Jo Dee Messina