The Jolly Polly Pirate Ship is a classic Macy's Parade float.

The pirate ship float made its first appearance in 1965. Not much is known about this version of the float, other than it appeared for over 20 years, before retiring in 1987.

A new version of the float debut in 1987, having a much larger pirate ship for performers to move around on. This float made 26 consecutive parade appearances, making it one of the oldest Macy's Parade floats to stand the test of time. Under the ship, a wavy ocean with dolphins and seashells decorates the float base. Although the float went through many minor designs, such as the changing of the sail and a refreshed paint job, it remained the same until 2012, when it was finally retired.

The float would later be recycled into a float that was furnished by Pirate's Booty in 2014. The float remained nearly untouched from the original, with the few minor changes, such as the removal of the dolphins, with them being replaced by a treasure chest filled with precious pirate loot. A sculpted figure of one of the company's mascots, Crunchy the Parrot, stood atop one of the float's masses. A walk-around version of the company's mascot would also dance and wave to the crowd from the front of the ship. The float was retired in 2016, and it is unknown if it will ever return, due to the aging of the float.