Macy's Parade 1984 Poster

Poster for the 1984 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Character Balloons (Bold for new Balloons)

  • Donald Duck (Comeback Balloon/Return Since 1972/To Celebrate Donald Duck's 50th Birthday, Retired) - 11th and last Time
  • Underdog (Retired) - 19th and last Time
  • Kermit the Frog (To Promote The Muppets Take Manhattan) - 7th Time
  • Woody Woodpecker - 3rd Time
  • Garfield - First Time
  • Yogi Bear - 2nd Time
  • Olive Oyl - 3rd Time
  • Superman - 5th Time
  • Raggedy Ann - First Time


  • Bryant Gumbel (Last Time Hosting the Parade)
  • Stepfanie Kramer
  • Pat Sajak (First Time Hosting the Parade)
  • Florence Henderson (First and Last Time Hosting the Parade)

Broadway Musicals

Floats (Bold for new floats)

  • Tom Turkey
  • Disney Celebration (Comeback Float, Since 1982)
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Pirate Ship
  • The Care Bears
  • Sesame Street Cars (To Promote Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird, Retired )
  • Rocking Snail
  • Fraggle Rock (Retired)
  • The Great American Dog
  • Planes
  • America's Comic Stars (Retired)
  • Huge Watering Can (Retired)
  • Rocking Turtle
  • Showboat
  • Rocking Lion
  • Rocking Kangaroo (Not Mentioned)
  • Strawberry Shortcake (Retired)
  • Doodlebug
  • Hanna-Barbera Scooby-Doo Celebration (Retired)
  • Rolls Royce
  • The Shirt Tales (Retired)
  • New York Daily News Big Apple
  • Bell Tower (Retired)
  • Rocking Horse
  • Cabbage Patch Kids
  • Circus Wagon
  • Santa's Sleigh


  • Evelyn Ashford
  • Jane Badler
  • Kaye Ballard
  • Tim Conway
  • The Cabbage Patch Kids
  • Danny Cooksey
  • Jacques d'Amboise
  • Dom Deluise as The Magic Clown
  • Placido Domingo
  • Georgia Engel
  • Soleil Moon Frye
  • Dessiree Goyette
  • Perry King
  • Hinton Battle
  • Thom Bray
  • Irene Cara
  • The Cast of Hanna-Barbera: Scooby-Doo, All-Star, The Smurfs, Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, Captain Caveman, Snagglepuss, Huckleberry Hound, and Scrappy-Doo
  • Disneyland's 30th Anniversary Characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and Pinocchio (To Promote Disneyland's 30th Anniversary)
  • The Care Bears
  • Joey Lawrence
  • The Shirt Tales: Tyg Tiger, Pammy Panda, Digger Mole, Rick Raccoon, Bogey Orangutan, and Kip Kangaroo
  • Audrey Landers
  • Judy Landers
  • Various Characters from Comic Strips: Marmaduke, Garfield, Odie, Snoopy, and Woodstock
  • Rainbow Brite
  • Rich Little and Betty Boop
  • Greg Louganis
  • Menudo
  • Marie Osmond
  • The Radio City Rockettes
  • John Ratzenberger
  • Charlie Masso
  • Maureen McGovern
  • Ricky Martin
  • Fraggle Rock: Gobo Fraggle, Mokey Fraggle, Red Fraggle, Wembley Fraggle, Boober Fraggle, Junior Gorg, and Fraggles
  • Mary Lou Retton
  • Alfonso Ribeiro
  • Bruce Weitz
  • Hattie Winston
  • Samural E. Wright
  • Draco Rosa
  • Daniel J. Travanti
  • Robert Vaughn
  • John Schneider
  • James Sikking
  • Marc Singer
  • Dionnie Warwick
  • Sesame Street: Countmobile: Count Von Count (Walk-Around), Olivia, Luis, Gordon, Oscar's Sloppy Mobile: Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bob, David, Maria, On the Floor: Ernie (Walk-Around), Bert (Walk-Around), and the Honkers (Walk-Around)

Marching Bands

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