Macy's Parade 1995 Poster

Poster for the 1995 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Character Balloons (Bold for new balloons)

  • Dudley the Dragon (Not Seen Due to Accident/Videotape Footage from Balloon Rehearsal, Retired) - First and only Time
  • Garfield - 10th Time
  • Spider-Man - 9th Time
  • Big Bird - 8th Time
  • Snoopy & Woodstock (To Celebrate Peanuts' 45th Birthday, Retired) - 9th and last Time
  • Bart Simpson (Retired) - 6th and last Time
  • Quik Bunny - 8th Time
  • Barney - 2nd Time
  • Skydancer (Face deflated due to accident) - First Time
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Not Seen Due to Accident, Videotape Footage from 1994) - 3rd Time
  • Izzy (Retired, To Promote 1996 Summer Olympics) - 3rd and last Time
  • Woody Woodpecker - 14th Time
  • The Pink Panther (Low to the Ground Due to Ripped by Stomach) - 8th Time
  • Beethoven (Retired) - 3rd Time
  • Betty Boop (Comeback Balloon, Returns Since 1992) - 6th Time
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog - 6th Time
  • Eben Bear (Redesign Version of Snuggle Bear) - First Time
  • The Cat in the Hat (Holiday Ambassador) - 2nd Time

Novelty Balloons (Bold for New Balloons)

  • Cloe The Holiday Clown - 2nd Time
  • Macy's White Stars (First Row, green Macy's text) - 9th Time
  • Pumpkins
  • Wiggle Worm
  • ABC Bouncing Balls
  • Circus Balls
  • FujiFilm's Blimp - First Time
  • Macy's Sports: Football, and Basketball
  • Macy's White Stars (Second Row, red Macy's text)
  • Macy's White Star (Third Row, green Macy's text)
  • Ice Cream Cone Strawberry/Pistachio
  • Snowflakes Stars
  • Poinsettias

Falloons (Bold for new Falloons)

  • Humpty Dumpty - 10th Time
  • M&M's Chocolate Factory - First Time
  • Fujifilm's Picture Prefect (Retired) - First and only Time
  • Sea Venture - 2nd Time


  • Willard Scott
  • Katie Couric
  • Al Roker (First Time Hosting The Parade)

Broadway Muscials

Floats (Bold for new floats)

  • Macy's Santaland Express
  • Tom Turkey
  • Macy's Queen Showboat (Comeback Float/Return Since 1991/Mike Miller Dance Team, Retired)
  • Cornucopia
  • Fruit Juice Valley (Not Mentioned Retired)
  • Mother Duck with Two Ducklings
  • Sesame Street Reading and Writing
  • Jolly Polly Pirate Ship
  • Dragon Tales (Based on some books/and not to be confused with the PBS Kids Show/ Retired)
  • Barney's Circus Wagon
  • Rocket Car
  • Daily News Big Apple
  • SEGA's Pico Bus (Retired)
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Circus Wagon (Not Mentioned, Retired)
  • Western Village (Retired)
  • Native Spirit
  • American Movie Classics
  • Dunkin Donuts Holiday Sweets
  • Rocking Lobster
  • Madison Square Garden's Christmas Carol
  • Santa's Sleigh


  • All-4-One
  • Oksana Baiul
  • Joseph Barbara
  • Carol Channing
  • The Cast of A Christmas Carol
  • Roaemary Clooney
  • Ann B. Davis
  • Nick Clooney
  • Matthew Broderick
  • The Cast of Sesame Street: Big Bird's Nest: Big Bird, Elmo, Zoe, and Betty Lou, Windows: (Top: Baby Bear, Rosita), (Middle Part: Bert, Ernie, Grundgetta, Telly Monster, Grover, Count Von Count), (Bottom: Humphrey, Cookie Monster), Oscar's Trash Can: Oscar the Grouch, On the Floor: Alice Snuffleupages, Bob, Gordon, Linda, Susan, Maria, Luis, Mr. Handford, Ruthie, Carlo, Celina, Gina, and the Kids
  • Richard Dreyfuss
  • Andy Garcia
  • Timothy Gibbs
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • The Radio City Rockettes
  • Kelsey Grammer
  • Valerie Harper
  • Jacqueline Hinton
  • The Lawrence Brothers: Joey Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence, and Matthew Lawrence
  • Sheri Lewis and Lamb Chop
  • Thyme Lewis
  • Barney and Friends: Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop
  • LL Cool J
  • Terrence Mann
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • M&M's: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green
  • Kellie Martin
  • Marvel Characters: Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine
  • Burke Moses
  • Peter Reckell
  • Jon Secada
  • Kenny Raskin
  • Mark Valley
  • Diego Serrano
  • Shawntel Smith
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Ben Verren
  • Lillias Whote
  • Shania Twain

Performer Groups

  • America Sings (During the Beginning, and when Santa Claus arrivals on NBC)
  • Mike Miller Dance Team
  • UCA Cheerleaders

Marching Bands

  • Homewood High School Marching Band
  • University High School Marching Band
  • Bainbridge High School Marching Band
  • Pickerington High School Marching Band
  • Grenada High School Marching Band
  • Clovis West High School Marching Band
  • East Carteret High School Marching Band
  • Carlisle High School Marching Band
  • NYPD Marching Band
  • Danbury High School Marching Band
  • Denison High School Marching Band
  • Brentwood High School Marching Band
  • Boston College Marching Band
  • Jamestown High School Marching Band

NBC Commercials (KHQ-TV Q6)

This infomation is incomplete but it's the only source that is online. The commericals ran during the last hour of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1995.

Commercial Break #17

  • Jurassic Park promo
  • The Bon Marche (After-Thanksgiving Sale)
  • Magnolia Hi-Fi
  • Burgan's Furniture (22-Hour Sale)
  • KHQ-6 ID

Commercial Break #18

  • MasterCard (Economic Unity?)
  • Cotton (Thanksgiving Dinner)
  • Ocean Spray
  • Black & Decker Handy Steamer

Commercial Break #19

  • Fujifilm Quick Snap (Batman Forever Offer)
  • Playskool
  • Movie: Balto
  • Ocean Spray (again)
  • USSB Satellite

Commercial Break #20

  • Norelco (The Norelco Santa)
  • Polaroid Talking Camera
  • Maxwell House
  • Home Alone promo

Commercial Break #21

  • Dennis the Menace promo
  • Les Schwab Tires (Traction Ready)
  • Ernst (6AM Holiday Sale)
  • Inside Edition promo
  • KHQ-6 ID (Happy Thanksgiving)

Commercial Break #22

  • Coca-Cola (Santa Pack)
  • American Express
  • Cotton (again)