Macy's Parade 1997 Poster

Poster for the 1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Character Balloons (bold for New Balloons)

  • Arthur (First Balloon) - First Time
  • Big Bird - 10th Time
  • Garfield - 14th Time
  • Peter Rabbit - 2nd Time
  • The Pink Panther (Not Seen Due to Accident/Prerecorded Footage/Videotape Footage from 1993, Retired) - 10th Time
  • Nestle Quik Bunny (Not Seen Due to Accident/Prerecorded Footage, Videotape Footage from 1993) - 10th Time
  • Barney The Dinosaur (Not Seen Due to Accident/Prerecorded Footage/Videotape Footage from 1994, To Promote Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie) - 4th Time
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Not Seen Due to Accident/Prerecorded Footage/Videotape Footage from 1994/Retired, To Promote Sonic Blast) 5th and last Time
  • Rugrats- First Time
  • The Cat in the Hat (Not Seen Due to Accident/Prerecorded Footage/Videotape Footage from 1994, Retired) 4th and last Time
  • Spider-Man - 11th Time
  • Bumpe First Time
  • Eben Bear (Removed from Parade after The Cat in the Hat Accident, Not Mentioned) 3rd Time
  • Ms. Petula Pig (Removed from Parade after The Cat in the Hat Accident, Not Mentioned) First Time

Novelty Balloons

  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Macy's White Stars
  • Pumpkins
  • ABC Bouncing Balls
  • Flying Fish (Not Seen Due to Accident)
  • FujiFilm's Blimp (Retired)
  • Macy's White Stars #2
  • Cloe the Holiday Clown (Not Seen Due to Accident)
  • Macy's Sports: Football, Basketball, and Baseball
  • Harold the Fireman
  • Circus Balls (Removed from Parade after The Cat in the Hat Accident)
  • Snowflakes Stars (Removed from Parade after The Cat in the Hat Accident)

Falloons (Bold is for new Falloons)

  • Jell-O - First Time
  • Humpty Dumpty - 7th Time
  • M&M's Chocolate Factory (retired) - 3rd and last Time
  • Sea Venture - 4th Time
  • The Family Channel's Snow Family - 2nd Time
  • Dr. Seuss's Grinch (Holiday Ambassador) - First Time
  • Paddington Bear (Comeback Falloon/Return Since 1992, Retired) - 4th and last Time


  • Willard Scott (Last Time for Hosting The Parade)
  • Katie Couric
  • Al Roker

Broadway Musicals

Floats (Bold for new floats)

  • Tom Turkey
  • Native Spirit
  • Sesame Street Reading and Writing (retired)
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mother Duck and Two Ducklings
  • Hallmark's The Sound of Music
  • Rocking Lobster
  • Jolly Polly Pirate Ship
  • Anastasia (To Promote Anastasia) (retired)
  • Toby the Parade Dog
  • Barney's Great Adventure (To Promote Barney's Great Adventure)
  • Westwood Ho
  • Fujifilm's You Can See The Future
  • Planter's Mr. Preanut's Circus
  • Hanes Party Time
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Pep Rally
  • United Airlines Flights of Fancy
  • Daily News Big Apple
  • Annabelle's Wish (To Promote Annabelle's Wish)
  • Macy's Santaland Express
  • Santa's Sleigh


  • Kristian Alfonso
  • Marc Anthony
  • Backstreet Boys
  • The Cast of Sesame Street: Big Bird's Nest: Big Bird, Ernie, Bert and Prairie Dawn, Windows: (Top: Zoe, Rostia, Middle: Count Von Count, Grundgetta, Cookie Monster, Baby Bear, Bottom: Betty Lou, Grover), Oscar's Trash Can: Oscar the Grouch, On the Floor: Alice Snufflepagus, Bob, Gordon, Susan, Maria, Luis, Mr. Handford, Ruthie, Carlo, Celina, Gina, Miles, Gabi, Linda, and the Kids
  • Elmo (Interview with Katie Couric)
  • Joseph Barbara
  • Liz Callaway
  • Michael Cerveris
  • Victoria Clark
  • Clive Robertson
  • The Cast of The Sound of Music
  • Brian d'Arcy James
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Andy Richter
  • Cathy Rigby
  • Linda Dano
  • M&M's: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue
  • Teresa Weatherspoon
  • Stacy Francis
  • Debbie Gibson
  • Darrell Hammond
  • Kye Hampton
  • Barney and Friends: Barney, BJ and Baby Bop
  • Marilu Henner
  • Emily Skinner
  • Susan Ward
  • Wynonna Judd
  • Sheri Lewis, Lamb Chop, and Charlie the Horse
  • Vicki Lewis
  • Hal Liden
  • Alice Ripley
  • Jose Llana
  • Rebecca Luker
  • Beth Nielsen Chapman
  • Josh Tesh
  • Anastasia: Anastasia Nikolaevna, Dimitri, Bartok, and Vladimir (To Promote Anastasia)
  • Connie Sellecca
  • James Naughton
  • The Radio City Rockettes
  • Tim McGraw
  • Joseph Mascolo
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • Randy Travis

Performer Groups

  • America Sings
  • Mike Miller Dance Team
  • NCA Cheerleaders

Marching Bands

  • Butler High School Marching Band
  • North Hagerstown High School Marching Band
  • Concord High School Marching Band
  • Miami Central High School Marching Band
  • Prinson Valley High School Marching Band
  • Allen Eagle High School Marching Band
  • Trumbull High School Marching Band
  • Jones Jr. College Marching Band
  • Westwood High School Marching Band
  • Port Chester High School Marching Band
  • Monache High School Marching Band
  • NYPD Marching Band
  • SW Dekalb High School Marching Band
  • Parkway Central High School Marching Band

NBC Commercials (Coming Soon)

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