Macy's Stars are novelty balloons in the shape of a Star with the word "Macy's" on them. they are some of the smallest balloons in the parade and require less than 10 handlers. These balloons are easy to handle and can be blown around nicely.


Macy's Yellow Stars (2006-Present)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Stars (2002-2005)

Macy's 75th Parade Stars (2001 Only)

Macy's Blue Stars (2002-2006)

Macy's White Star (Various Designs)

Macy's Golden Tri-Star (2008 in main parade)

Macy's Green Stars

Snowflake Stars (1988-2000)

Starfish Star (1986-1988?)

Macy's Red Stars (2002-2008)

Green Believe Star (2008-2010)

Red Believe Stars (2009-Present)

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