Planters is an American snack food company, a division of Kraft Foods, best known for its processed nuts and for the Mr. Peanut icon that symbolizes them. Mr. Peanut was created by grade schooler Antonio Gentile for a 1916 contest to design the company's brand icon. The original design was modified by a commercial artist and has continued to change over the years.

In 1997, Planters debuted a new float into the Macy's Parade called "Mr. Peanut's Circus". It features many circus animals performing trick, such as seals balcancing on and spinning circus balls on their noses. An elephant stands behind the ringleader, Mr. Peanut, himself. Behind the float, people dressed in circus elephant costumes danced and waved to the audience. The float was designed by Micheal Fierrari-Fontana and Manfred Bass. The float appeared until 1999, when it became retired. The elephant costumes continued to appear until 2001, when they were retired as well.

In 2002, Mr. Peanut made his grand return to the Macy's Parade in the form of his infamous "NUTmobile". This car was in the shape of a peanut, and had many car-like features built into it. A giant fiberglass sculpture of Mr. Peanut sat in the vehicle, tipping his iconic top hat, and sporting a dashing cane. After appearing for 9 consecutive parades, if was retired in 2010.

In 2011, Planters introduced an all-new NUTmobile to the parade. This float was different from the original in that, instead of running on gas, this car ran on solar-based energy, with the peanut craters being the space for solar panels. As well, instead of having a fiberglass figure, Mr. Peanut appeared for the first time as a walk-around character, to promote his new redesign. This float was retired after 2016, and it is unknown if it will return.

This version of the float went viral in 2016, after Mr. Peanut was caught doing the "dab", a trendy dance move, along the parade route.