Quik Bunny Being Damaged in 1997


Before the Acident in 1997

The Quik Bunny is the mascot of Nestlé Quik (now known as Nesquik), a brand of chocolate-flavored milk mix by Nestlé. He appeared in the parade from 1988 to 1999, dressed as a bandleader.


  • In 1994, His right ear was deflated (Look at the photo).
  • In 1997, the same thing happened at Times Square, but this time his right ear was torn clean off by a lamppost due to the strong winds. The balloon didn't cause any injuries, unlike The Cat in the Hat that same year.
  • In 1998, this balloon wasn't seen due to heavy rain. The balloon however returned in 1999.
  • In 1999, his legs and drum were deflated mainly due to the fact the balloon wasn't designed for the buggies pulling it.

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