The Quik Bunny is the mascot of Nestlé Quik (now known as Nesquik), a brand of chocolate-flavored milk mix by Nestlé. The Quik Bunny, or "Quicky", has been voiced by Barry Gordon since his debut in 1973. He was renamed the Nesquik Bunny in 2003, and his Q emblem changing into an N.

History in the parade

A Quik Bunny balloon was created for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1988. The Quik Bunny is dressed in a bandleader outfit, with a 10' by 14' drum. He measures 68 feet high, 34 feet wide, and weighs 520 lbs.

After two incidents in 1997 and 1998, respectively, and having to be less inflated to utilize the new safety buggies for the balloons, the march hare was retired after 12 parades. Due to his fade into obscurity, and several controversies with Nestle, he is unlikely to return.


  • In 1991, his left hand and drumstick was deflated
  • In 1993, his right arm was deflated
  • In 1994, his right ear was deflated
  • In 1997, his start was delayed due to the winds, and he was moved to Barney's planned position. During the route, his right ear was deflated again at Times Square, but this time it was later torn clean off along with his hat by a lamppost due to the strong winds. The balloon somehow finished the route, but suffered so much damage that the NBC telecast had to use archival footage instead of showing the damaged balloon on TV.
  • In 1998, this balloon wasn't seen due to heavy rain. The balloon however returned in 1999, where he was not completely inflated in order to fit on the safety buggies.