Super Grover is the superhero alter ego of Grover, a Muppet character from the popular children's television show Sesame Street. Grover is portrayed as a self-confident, lovable, and capable monster, boasting honesty and intelligence with a facility for self-deception. "Super Grover" is one of the character's many personas in the series; in this alternate identity, he tends to be more well-meaning than helpful, attempting to perform "dramatic" feats of strength or speed but often getting into a crash-landing or some other kind of comical predicament.

Super Grover first appeared in balloon form in the 2003 Macy's Parade, during which the original Muppet character, himself, also led the cast in the singing of an original composition called "Good Morning World." The balloon continued to appear until 2006. In none of its four appearances did the balloon appear at the back of the Sesame Street float, however; in 2004, Super Grover actually led the year's balloon lineup.


  • Super Grover (2003-2006)

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