The Grinch is a Dr. Seuss' character featured in the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and in various TV specials and movies. The grumpy, anti-holiday spirit of the character has led to the term "Grinch" coming to refer a person opposed to Christmas time celebrations.

The Grinch first debuted as a falloon in 1997 as the Holiday Ambassador of Macy's that year. He retired the same year, but returned again in 2002 to promote the 1st anniversary of Macy's Holiday Parade. He also appeared in the 2002 version of the Macy's Holiday Parade. The falloon hasn't been seen since.

In 2017, after a 15 year hiatus The Grinch returned as a giant helium character balloon, featuring himself and Max. This balloon is based on his appearance in Illumination Entertainment's film adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. I features the Grinch stealing Christmas ornaments and decorations with his dog, Max in a giant red sack.