Tom turkey (1st version) with Bullwinkle in 1982

Blog.tom turkey

Tom turkey (2nd Version) in 2010

Tom Turkey is the oldest, most recurring, and most famous float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He is an animatronic Thanksgiving turkey who has two people dressed as pilgrims riding on top of him, and is also surrounded by actors dressed as pilgrims.

Tom Turkey was introduced to the parade in 1971; his current, bigger version first appeared in 1993. He has appeared in every parade since his debut, except the 77th (in 2003), when he took a "Thanksgiving Off" and was replaced by Macy's "Gorgeous Gobbler" novelty balloon. He generally leads the parade, bookending the spectacle together with Santa Claus, whose arrival into Herald Square traditionally ends the event. In recent years, the Tom Turkey float has been sponsored by the E. W. Scripps Company.

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