• I live in Wonder Warf
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is A new shithole school called High School
  • I am A male voicing a female
  • Polarjack77

    Good News!

    May 13, 2018 by Polarjack77

    I'll be starting my own Big Balloon Parade! If anyone wants to help, you can meet me in the Fiction Foundry Chat! 

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  • Polarjack77

    Random question

    May 1, 2018 by Polarjack77

    If you got a hold of a Death Note-like notebook of the parade that magically delete/add something from the Macy's Parade past and present what would you add and what would you delete/erase. Here's mine

    1. Sue Green Day for the song "Macy's Day Parade" 
      •  Seriously they should've
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  • Polarjack77
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  • Polarjack77

    I have predictions on the Macy's Parade Press Release timeline

    April: We get a new balloon/float

    July 5th-August 19th: Possibly the Marching Bands for the 2019 Parade

    August 20th-30: The returning lineup for the balloons and floats

    September: The new novelty balloon or Balloonicle (Possibly Novelty) 

    October: The poster 

    November: The leftover stuff is announced 

    What's you're Press Release timeline prediction? 

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  • Polarjack77

    It will feature balloons, floats and MARCHING BAND and BROADWAY MUSICALS, YES REALLY!!! 

    But the problem is the Broadway musicals are gonna be made-up.

    Should Liam have real broadway ​​​​​​musicals (past and present) and have the fair use message? If he does what Broadway musicals he should do? 

    My prediction

    1. Once Upon a Mattress (Opening Act) (Many Moons Ago) 
    2. South Pacific (Nothing Like a Dame) 
    3. Spongebob SquarePants (Bikini Bottom Day)
    4. Newsies (King of New York)
    5. Elf: The Musical (Christmas Song)
    6. Once Upon a Mattress (Again) (Song of Love AKA I'm In Love With a Girl Named Fred) 
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