A online game on the parade called "Virtual Parade Maker" where you do the Macy's Parade Method I got the method

  1. You login (Or sign up)
  2. You choose your own balloons, floats, novelty balloons, balloonicles and Falloons 
  3. You start making the balloon inflation map
  4. You arrange the float lineup 
  5. You press the ribbon to say "Let's Have a Parade!"
  6. You start forming the parade
  7. When the parades over you get Parade Points to get stuff for your Paradebee 

A Paradebee is your avatar (Like a Mii, Xbox Avatar, Robloxian etc.) You get "Macy's Parade Swag" aka gifts. 

You can have a multiplayer online mode called "Macy's Parade Worldwide" where you can bee a Float Escort or Balloon Handler

Someone should copy and paste this to Macy's! It would be a really fun game. Do you have ideas?

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