Hey everyone! This week and next week we will have a challenge of who can make the best Custom 1993-1999 Macy's Parades! You'll have to post another blog post of photos of the

  • Test Flight Balloon Inflation
  • Parade Week (Float sneak peeks)
  • Parade starting line 
  • Columbus Circle view
  • Accident 
  • Balloon Deflation

And the lineup itself. Here's a balloon example of the 1995 parade and they have to be in order too

Character Balloons (bold is for new balloons)

  • Dudley the Dragon - 1st Time
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - 3rd Time
  • Big Bird - 8th Time
  • Spider-Man - 9th Time
  • Garfield - 12th Time
  • Santa Goofy - 4th Time
  • Izzy - 3rd Time
  • Skydancer - 1st Time
  • Snoopy & Woodstock - 9th Time
  • Barney (Not seen due to Accident/Video Footage from 1994)
  • Bart Simpson - 6th Time 
  • The Pink Panther - 8th and last time
  • Betty Boop - 11th Time
  • Eben Bear

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