Here's some Big Balloon Parade tips you should do

  1. Always have a balloon that lead the Macy's Parade be the lead balloon in your parade
  2. Use some Macy's Parade footage (Ex: Broadway Musicals or if a balloon caused a accident)
  3. Try using a intro (You can use tip 2)
  4. It easier to do custom lineups instead of copying the Macy's Parade
  5. Amiibos, Skylanders, Infinity figures can be Balloonicles
  6. If your spoofing the 2002-2008 starting lineup. Try have a big novelty balloon like 2007's Stars Stripes and Balls
  7. Performers is a BIG no no. Due to YouTube's copyright system. Alongside Marching Bands
  8. A Macy's Holiday Parade would only be good for December only
  9. Fabulous Inflatables is optional but only do it for characters that don't have a balloon in the Macy's Parade (Ex: Fred Flintstone, Elmo and The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
  10. Have sponsor floats at least 6 or 5 
  11. DON'T do a returning balloon leading the parade like how Big Bird and Snoopy did in 1998 and 2010
  12. Music for each balloon would be optional
  13. Have fun!

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