We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story was an animated feature film released in 1993. Rex one of the main characters in the movie was featured as a giant balloon the same year to promote Steven Spielberg's new animated feature. Sadly the balloon's head hit the lamp post in Columbus Circle as it was passing by. On NBC's Boardcast after they cut from the Dragon Tales Float instead of showing the balloon body, they shown the Pre-Recorded test flight similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog Balloon in the same year. During transmission to commercial break you can see the test footage stop as the announcer was speaking of what coming up next. During the Sponsored by bit the balloons body can been seen with the deflated head, but sadly due to the box office failure and the balloon only appeared to promote the film it was retired. Rex was one of the taller balloons in the parade similar to the Pink Panther, and Bart Simpson.


1993 Only

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