Wiggle Worm is a classic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade novelty balloon.

Wiggle Worm first appeared in the parade in 1993. This version of the balloon used mush more muted colors than its next version. This version of the balloon retired after 1996. Wiggle Worm returned in 2004 with a new, more modern look. This version of the balloon appeared until 2010. She once again appeared in 2012. In 2014, however, a new balloon was introduced. It was nearly similar to the previous balloon, but with a face that seemed to fade from a teal to a cyan color. This balloon appeared until 2016, when it was retired. The novelty balloon used to appear in the Macy's Holiday Parade in Universal Studios Florida from 2014-2016.


In 2010, Wiggle Worm was punctured by a One way sign when the handlers tried to make the balloon spin.